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Today, where going to talk about how to get your duplicate Iesco bill online through some very easy steps. There are a huge quantity of bills that need to be delivered to a huge amount of addresses and it is possible for the mail man to loose your bill or deliver it late. It is also possible that you get your bill near the due date and you’ll need to pay it as soon as possible or you’ll be a charged extra money. 

To solve all the possible scenarios you might face,, we are now providing you with a way to get your duplicate iesco bill online. You can now view, download and print your bill easily in just a couple of minutes. In order to create your bill, all you have to do is enter your reference number and click on search. In a few seconds your bill will be generated and you will be able to view it on your screen. You can now have a very clear view at your bill. Moreover, you can now print it out too by CTRL+P which will print out your bill. If you have any concern regarding your bill, you should contact the responsible authority.

What is Iesco Bill? 

In case you’re wondering what iesco bill actually is and what is it’s history, you’re at the right place to know. Iesco is known as Islamabad electric supply company which generates electricity for Islamabad citizens which is a hydro electric power. Islamabad electric supply company was established in 1988, through the WAPDA act and has been licensed by NEPRA. It is providing and managing the electric needs of Islamabad’s citizens. It services about 2.8 million consumers. 

Iesco Bill Online Check by Reference Number (Islamabad Electric Supply Company)

Check IESCO Bill Online

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You Can Check Bill Online Duplicate Copy View/Print with Details


With our website, you can now even get an estimate of your bill. In order to do that all you have to do is enter the unit amount you think you have consumed. Keep in mind there’s a difference between a commercial and a home bill, so if you enter more than 500 units the bill will be generated for a commercial area. The unit rates on our website are updated regularly, keeping you at ease. Now generate you estimated bill easily! 


It’s a very easy task to find you reference number. All you have to do is take out your previous bill, have a look at the top of the page and there you’ll see your reference number. 


In order to get your iesco duplicate bill all you have to do is follow a few simple and easy steps. 

Step number 1: first, take out your previous bill and have a look your reference number. 

Step number 2: now, enter the reference number in the box shown. 

Step 3: Now, your bill will be generated and you can have clear look at it. 

Moreover, you can even download your boll or print it out using CTRL+P 

Sounds easy and simple, right? 


IESCO is based mainly in Islamabad but it is also available in some neighbouring cities too like Kashmir, Attock and Jhelum. 


If you have any queries that need to be solved or have some serious issues related to your bill you can contact the helpline which will definitely help you out. 

Head office St 40, Sector G, 7/4 Islamabad 

Email ceo @ [email protected]

Helpline 051925937

Facebook page: 


9am- 5pm from Monday to Friday with a 2 hour jummah break on Fridays. 

Sunday’s are off. 


Moreover, you can now easily pay your bill online through internet banking or through jazz cash or Easypaisa. 

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