PTCL Bill Online Check by Reference Number, by Account ID

PTCL BILL: If you’re a citizen of Pakistan, you know how large the population is and it is possible for the mail man to deliver your bill at a later date. If you feel like paying your bill as quick as possible, you can now easily get your duplicate bill through our website very easily.

Check PTCL Bill Online with Reference Number / by Account ID / by CNIC

Check PTCL Bill Online (Landline Bill – PTCL Dbill)

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PTCL is known as Pakistan Telecommunications company Limited that is a service provider for everyone out there. It provides services such as Phone calls, IPTV, broadband, internet. It has more than 20 million subscribers all over the country providing you with the best services in a very cheaper price than all the other companies out there.

PTCL works with the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority with about 40% private shares making it no longer a public company. It provides its customers with the latest equipment and the latest technology. PTCL has monthly subscriptions for its customers so you need to pay your bill every month in order to use all the services of PTCL.

PTCL is used all over Pakistan. It is used in homes, school, offices and what not. People simply love its amazing services because of how amazing and cheap they are. It’s the most well known company in the entire Pakistan


In order to get your duplicate bill all you have to do is: 

For landline/broadband bill all you will have to do is add your phone number and account ID which is a ten digit number. Your bill will be generated in just a couple of seconds that you can view download or print. 

For Evo users all you have to add is MDN and ESN I’m order to view your PTCL bill. Your bill will be generated in a few seconds and you’ll be good to go. 


PTCL covers all four provinces of Pakistan including Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Balochistan. 

You Can Check Bill Online Duplicate Copy View/Print with Details


You can now easily pay your bill online through internet banking in just a couple of seconds. You don’t have to go to the bank, just sit at your home and pay your bill online. 


If  you feel like there’s any issue you’re facing about your bill, subscription or anything, you can now easily contact the PTCL helpline. PTCL provides its customers with a 24/7 helpline where you can call and talk to an agent in order to solve your query. The agents PTCL provides you with are all skilled and know every solution to your problem related to PTCL BILL.

Also, there is an online chat service provided by PTCL 24/7, solving all your queries. You can now talk to a well known, well skilled agent there who can solve your issues in just a couple of seconds.

Both of the helplines are available on the official PTCL Bill website where you can access them quite easily without facing any issue. PTCL is an amazing service provider that listens to you, and cares for you.


1218 for billing 

1200 helpline 



The working hours of PTCL staff are: 



With a two hour jummah break on Fridays. 

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  1. I have paid my ptcl bill online on 19-10-2020 for tel No 0235844286 but status is showing dues yet still how can i check confirmation of paid bill ? Let me know plz Thanks


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