NBP Jobs | Latest Jobs 2020 in National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)

NBP stands for National Bank of Pakistan and this bank is a commercial bank and owned by Pakistani government. The headquarter of NBP Jobs is located in Karachi the capital of Pakistan. This commercial bank has numerous branches in all major cities across the country. This bank deals in all the commercial matters and holds the accounts of citizens. Bank jobs are highly recommended because it is secure and well paid job. Well it is not important to have a higher degree because there are many type of jobs available in the bank.

National Bank of Pakistan regularly offers jobs to almost everyone such as mid-career people, experienced and even to those who are newly graduated. Most of the people get the job with easy interview in the bank. National Bank of Pakistan offers job almost every month and there are several jobs are being offered to people who are eligible for that job. The best thing of National Bank of Pakistan is that they offer handsome salary package and promotions as well for hardworking employees. 

NBP Jobs Positions Available at National Bank of Pakistan

Vacancies (By Date Posted)

Last Date

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) (100+ Cities/Districts)
1000+ Graduates / Officers, Customer Services, MIS, Operations, Consumer Retail, BDOs, Reconciliation Officers & Other

Last Date To Apply: 27th January 2020

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
Customer Services Officers, Reconciliation & Operations Officers

Last Date To Apply: 27th January 2020

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
MIS Officers, Business Development Officers, Consumer Retail Officers and Retail Processors

Last Date To Apply: 27th January 2020

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
Analyst, Wing Head and Department Head

Last Date To Apply: 5th January 2020

There are many popular and incredible jobs available which are offered by NBP Jobs. MIS Officer, Customer Services Officers, Operation Officers, Business Development Officers and even more jobs are available at different positions. National Bank of Pakistan Offers huge number of jobs in all the major cities of Pakistan such as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar and more major cities. If you want to get any of the job available in NBP Careers, then it is necessary that you have passed intermediate or must be graduated. There are also other jobs available such as Reconciliation, Analyst, Wing Head, Department Head and more.

You can apply for these jobs directly according to your education. If you have a better degree then you will get better job and if you have a normal degree then you may get a normal job but after some time the promotion is must for everyone.

How to Apply at NBP Jobs

There are almost thousands of job available at NBP all across the country and you can apply for any job in the bank directly. In order to apply for these jobs, you must follow some steps which are very simple and easy to do but you must be careful for every step because if anything goes wrong then you may not get the job.

  • In the first, you have to check the form and confirm that whether the form will submit online or by post.
  • After that you need to attach every required document which is necessary in the form such as CNIC copy, Birth Certificate and your resume with complete information about yourself and education.
  • For apply in NBP, there is no any hidden charges for that and every process is free of cost. So you can apply at NBP without paying anything.
  • After completing the form correctly, you can send the form online or post at given address. You can also submit the form manually by visiting the Head Office.

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